Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Something I really like about my culture is that I was introduced to sports, dancing, and religion as kid. We have different celebrations where we go dance like parties we have. For example some of those are baptism, 1 year, first communion, confirmation, a 15th for girls/ boys and many other celebrations. Like I said religion is pretty important in my life because it gives me hope and different ways to view the world. With sports I would say i'm glad I was introduce to them at a young age, because I really love playing them.

There is nothing that I would change of my culture I like everything so far. If there is something I could say is where I live because we are known for growing tons of weed. Which means that everyone thinks that we are all stoners if you could say it like that. That is something I would like to change the perspective of where I live now because not everyone grows weed and smokes it.

Here is some of the music I like to listen to and dance too.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

About Me

Hello everyone my name is Luis Atilano, I am 16 years old and I like to play sports. I am a sophomore at Fortuna High, I play futbol (soccer) and basketball. As a Freshmen I made the Varsity Futbol (soccer) team and I played on the Freshmen team for basketball. I am bilingual I speak Spanish which is my first language and English. I lived in Mexico for 6 or 7 years then I moved to the United States, I have grown up in the United States. I love to dance that is one of my favorite thing to do when I go to parties, aka Mexican parties. I love to dance to different styles of music and I want to learn how to dance many more types styles. Another thing I really love to do is watch sports like Futbol (soocer) and basketball. Do u guys like to dance and if you guys do what kind of music do you guys dance to? What are the most popular sports you guys have?