Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Something I really like about my culture is that I was introduced to sports, dancing, and religion as kid. We have different celebrations where we go dance like parties we have. For example some of those are baptism, 1 year, first communion, confirmation, a 15th for girls/ boys and many other celebrations. Like I said religion is pretty important in my life because it gives me hope and different ways to view the world. With sports I would say i'm glad I was introduce to them at a young age, because I really love playing them.

There is nothing that I would change of my culture I like everything so far. If there is something I could say is where I live because we are known for growing tons of weed. Which means that everyone thinks that we are all stoners if you could say it like that. That is something I would like to change the perspective of where I live now because not everyone grows weed and smokes it.

Here is some of the music I like to listen to and dance too.



  1. Hi luis, i completely share your opinion on changing the view of other people on your culture it is actually sad that people judge without knowing what the reality is. Have you ever danced on a stage with a public? Do you read? have you ever been to Morocco?

    1. Yes, it is really sad how people are so ignorant and judge something or someone without meeting them or talking to them. I haven't really danced in a real stage but i dance in front of people all the time. I love to dance a lot and I am not embarrassed to show the couple dance moves I know:). I am not really into reading, and no I haven't been to Morocco but I would love to some day.